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Welcome to Profiting Me

Brainchild of Girolamo Aloe, Profiting Me gives the opportunity to learn how to trade like a Bank and Institutional Investors by Supply Demand Trading and Wyckoff Trading Method.

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Iftikhar Ahmed

I would actually like to take the time to thank you. I was very pleasantly surprised with the level of detail about the Forex and your charts that you had in your Facebook group and trading view. I spent a few hours reading and studying your charts and was impressed to say the least.

In my job I am expected to know this information and be able to recall it at a moment’s notice. Your charts are an easy way for me to utilize the essential information and stay on top of the FX markets. My first attempt! Thank you again.

Girolamo is a personable individual that gets on well with those around him. He is focused and dedicated to producing his very best at all times. He has shown that he is able to deal with uncertainty and dislocation and I recommend him highly – he will not let you down!

Girolamo is a very professional person. He is proactive and always searches for solution, analyzing the company products. He is very precise and honest. I would recommend him to everyone because he is a very nice person to work with.

Giro is a dream to work with. Because of his savvy and always helpful attitude, a passion turned into a job. I would even say, he would work harder than most employers I knew at the time. If I were to start an online social media company today, I would recruit him first, because you couldn’t get any more dedicated than him.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for being my mentor and teacher for teaching me and all those who are willing to learn the true discipline of trading forex.

You don’t hide behind any marketing or sales pitch you practice what you preach and that’s what I respect about you.

Please keep doing what you’re doing my friend.

Thank you. Your student.

Words cannot describe how thankful I am and will forever be for the support and guidance I have received from you, Girolamo.

In a space of fewer than 3 months I managed to see the light in trading although there is still a lot of hard work to put in I HAVE SO MUCH HOPE; if the mentor is dedicated like you are then definitely the students will succeed.

I will forever remain grateful for your dedication and commitment to us as your students on

Keep up the great work.

171205 - Chen Chien-Fu

Girolamo has a unique method that I really need. All cases recorded in the video and I can review by myself.

I can watch and learn the way Mr. Girolamo does the analysis. A lot of analysis with different situations and he keeps updating the analysis. So I have the best advantages to keep learning and make improvement for myself.

His response is very fast, which not all dedicated mentors can do.

Girolamo is the best and please, keep doing the good work (Matthew 5:13-16).

Thanks to Girolamo I have learned about the Wyckoff Trading Method and I have improved my trading operation. The working methodology allows you to learn quickly and in a practical way. It is difficult today to find coaches like him.

Everything you learn by reading the classic book of technical analysis is useless. I have invested a lot of money in books, courses and the only thing they helped me was to lose money.

Learning about Wyckoff and the teachings of Girolamo, you begin to see the market with different eyes and you realize that of all those who teach, the majority are armed so that the big players take out money.

He spends a lot of time in coaching, making videos and answering questions, and this is something unpayable. This coaching is worth a lot of money, nobody gives such details of knowledge.

Thanks again Girolamo, for your time. Every dollar invested in your coaching is worth it.