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Profiting Me – What It is

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What it is

Profiting Me is a Coaching, Mentoring and Trading Motivational Project to Show, Explain and Teach the power of Supply and Demand Trading.

Why Profiting Me?

Brainchild of Girolamo Aloe, founder and investor of the project, Profiting Me was born by experiencing and practicing trading for years and understanding what is the best way to make profits reducing the risk properly.


The most important thing is make trading responsibly, keeping the focus on the best opportunities. Supply and Demand Trading make you focus on the strongest levels where set buy or sell orders.

What does it happen?

“Where the Retail Traders Buy, Banks and Institutional Traders Sell. In the same way, where Banks and Institutional Traders Buy, the Retail Traders Sell.”

Who earns. Who loses.

Bank and Institutional Traders make trading with Retail Traders, getting large profits by the inexperience and inability of Retailers.

Supply and Demand Trading is crucial to Succeed in Trading Business.

Buy at Wholesale Prices

Sell at Retail Prices

Profiting Me shows the Secrets of Supply and Demand Trading applied on Forex, Commodities, Indexes, Stocks, ETF’s Markets.