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Frequently Asked Questions

Many times people ask particular questions about Profiting Me Purpose and Services and also about Girolamo Aloe Coaching and Trading Experiences. Here the most Frequent Questions that people ask directly to Girolamo Aloe:

When the Answer is NO!

  • Do you give or sell Trading Signals?
    – NO! – I DON’T give or sell Trading Signals
    . I NEVER will do it. I never will recommend you to buy a trading signal service and base your trading on it.  Instead, focus and learn how to make your profit.
  • Do you scalp or take trades for a few pips?
    – NO! – I DON’T make Scalping, I make Money
    . It is different. I don’t risk a trade for a few pips of profit. I don’t waste my time with the lowest Time Frames.
  • Can I copy your Trades by CopyTrading?
    – NO! – I don’t let people copy my trades. Definitely, I don’t recommend copy trading anymore. I help people to become self-sufficient. If you study with dedication, you will get the best. Everything else is just talking.
  • Drawing Imbalances will make me profitable?
    – NO! – Draw rectangles on the chart will not make you profitable
    . Everything you do without a reason will give nothing to you. Success in trading comes from a clear comprehension of the Price Action. If you understand the Price Action, you will never suffer because of money.
  • Will I become experienced in just 3 months?
    – NO! –
    This business requires a lot of time, commitment, and dedication. You will need 1 year and over, studying and practicing. I dedicated years to my Trading Practice.
  • Do you publish your Lessons every day?
    – NO! –
     I publish new Educational Sessions every day so as several times per week, just when it is the right time.
  • Do you use indicators?
    – NO! – I DON’T use indicators
    . But, I can explore any tool and automation that can be useful to earn more money. My trading is based on the increase and decrease of Supply Pressure and Supporting Demand.
  • Will you make me rich?
    – NO! – You are the only person responsible for your trading
    . You are the only one that can make you earn money. I share my trading experience with you, but you take your own trades.
  • Do you refund money if I don’t want to study anymore?
    – NO! – There is No Refund.
     If you subscribed for a 3 months plan simply don’t renew the subscription.


  • How can I join on Profiting Me?
    – Sign up to watch the Introductory Webinar and the Educational Sessions. You MUST watch the Introductory Webinar. My Time is Precious, it is ONLY for who really want to learn and study with dedication. My full attention is for the Best Members.
  • Will you help me step by step?
    – I will help you to become self-sufficient. But I cannot tell you where to buy or sell. You have the Archive with many Videos and Insights, you have to study what I share time by time and use the Private Community to Ask Questions and get Support.
  • Do you give Private Coaching?
     Yes, I give Private Coaching with Personalized Training and Support. But my Time is Precious, then I accept only for dedicated students that are really motivated to learn, charging a High Premium Fee – Contact for a Deal.
  • What If I have no time or willing to study?
    – Nobody can study for you, only you can do it
    . You MUST do it. There is no other way. I share with you all I have, all my experience, but the Study is your own responsibility. If you don’t study, nobody will be able to help you. Trading is a Great Business, but it requires commitment, sacrifice, and struggle. “If you don’t have time, then study in the night.”
  • Do you manage the money of others? Are you connected with funds?
    – I DON’T manage the money of other people
    . I manage only my money, I don’t manage funds, I never will open a fund. I never will ask your money. I never will manage your money.
  • How long time do you trade?
     – I make trading for several years now, since when I experienced financial problems in 2007-2008. Since 2012 I worked 2 years for a broker.

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